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Our Story


Sun Locke Media expanded during the pandemic to respond to the extensive digital marketing demand created. During this time, Digital Marketing was able to display its full potential to reach those in their surroundings when brick-and-mortar stores were otherwise unable to operate. Since then, we have sourced and collaborated with local businesses that are willing to take a chance on a new start-up.


Sun Locke Media was founded as a collaborative project by a group of dedicated college students during an internship. Under the guidance of a professor at Hofstra University, the team balanced their diverse skills to deliver exceptional service to their clients. Their primary focus was on assisting veteran-owned businesses in establishing and growing their ventures, particularly through effective marketing strategies to bring their visions to life.


As our team members transitioned into corporate America, we honed our skills to a professional level, working with prestigious companies such as Atlantic Records, L'Oreal, American Express, Disney, HBO, and Tory Burch. This invaluable experience polished our expertise and inspired us to expand our service offerings to include videography. Our high-quality videography services, combined with our comprehensive marketing solutions, enable us to effectively bring our clients' visions to life.

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