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Wyld Chyld Website

Wyld Chyld is a well-established tattoo studio in Merrick, New York, with a history of multiple branches throughout the United States. In an effort to revitalize their online presence and enhance their brand image, Wyld Chyld embarked on a comprehensive website redevelopment project, starting from the ground up. Their primary objective was to prominently feature their diverse team of talented artists and, in turn, reinvigorate their customer base, fostering long-lasting customer loyalty.


Wyld Chyld Tattoo needed to rebuild and reestablish its online presence through website redevelopment. This challenge involves effectively conveying their brand image, showcasing their artists, and winning back a declining customer base. The challenge lies in executing a successful online marketing strategy to achieve these goals, including addressing issues related to website design, content presentation, and customer engagement.

Proposed Solution

We plan to rebuild their online presence through bespoke website integrations. These include creating dedicated artist portfolios, strategically integrating SEO, providing convenient access to essential forms, and implementing an on-site kiosk. These tailored integrations are designed to convey their brand image, showcase their artists, attract new customers, and improve the overall client experience.

Each artist at Wyld Chyld now has a dedicated portfolio page on the website. These portfolios feature their work, links to their social media profiles, and a direct anchor link to the main consultation form. This approach allows potential clients to explore the artists' talents and connect with them more personally.

We strategically integrated SEO keywords throughout the website to enhance the brand's online visibility and make it easily discoverable by potential customers searching for tattoo and piercing services in Merrick, NY, and beyond.

The website also provides access to all the necessary forms required for clients to receive tattoos or piercings on-site. This convenience enables clients to complete essential paperwork in advance, reducing their in-shop wait times and enhancing their overall experience.

To further improve customer service and operational efficiency, we expanded the website forms into an on-site kiosk. This kiosk automates the check-in process, relieving the burden on the front counter worker. Clients can now spend less time on paperwork and more time enjoying their experience at Wyld Chyld.


The strategic implementation of our website solutions has resulted in a transformative user experience for Wyld Chyld, transcending its role as a mere information hub to become an indispensable business tool. The incorporation of SEO keywords has significantly boosted the brand's online visibility, attracting a broader audience. The artist portfolios, coupled with direct links to their social media profiles and the streamlined consultation form, have not only provided clients with a more immersive and personalized experience but have also empowered the artists to connect more directly with their audience. The inclusion of online booking and forms has not only simplified the client experience but also streamlined the shop's operations. Moreover, the website's automation features have led to a remarkable expansion of its customer base, nearly doubling the clientele. The automated kiosk for form submissions has lightened the workload for front-counter staff, enabling them to focus more on providing top-notch service, while clients spend less time on paperwork and more on enjoying their visit. These holistic improvements have not only revitalized the online presence of Wyld Chyld but have also positioned the website as an invaluable tool that works synergistically for both artists and the shop, fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth.

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